The Miami Chronicles; Part I

We’ve Got Sprit, Yes We Do.

Oh, Spirit Air, what “kind” words can I begrudgingly conjure up for your airline? Your plane had two wings and an engine that got us from Point A to B… Um, your seats faced forward-as other great airlines like British Air and Emirates do. My seatbelt had a kink in it no matter how hard I tried to get around it, but at least it buckled? You let the porky, disheveled, unpalatable Hot Mess wearing Ed Hardy sunglasses sitting in 10C strain the last drop of alcohol in your aircraft and didn’t cram a starched pillow cover in her raspy megaphone-for-a-mouth? I’m not a complainer, even my mother would tell you that, but for the love of all that is on this earth: get it together, Spirit Air.

But I digress.

Pour la moment, I am in my rooftop suite hotel at the Z Ocean enjoying the salt-impregnated air.  We are currently hijacking the speakers and kidnapping them to the rooftop.

Life is good.


2 thoughts on “The Miami Chronicles; Part I

  1. Charlotte says:

    Perhaps the airline invested all their money in that niffy tracking system leaving nothing for kink-less seat belts. Lucky you are tiny.

    I love that hotel name…Z Ocean. Enjoy the sun, sand and surf. Have a blast!

  2. Gaston says:

    Dig your toes in the sand, ride the waves over and under, and have a drink with an umbrella.

    Look for the Bird Cage and $%@! the shrimp!

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