Tom Hanks the Cat

I adopted a wonderful kitty about a year ago from the MSPCA. I’ve always frequented Angell during adoption hours to get my fill of adorable furriness but restrained myself from starting my crazy cat lady collection. But I grew serious about becoming a new cat owner and weighed my options for several months. There were two cats there I was torn between, and just like the bottom two contestants on America’s Next Top Model, I always found qualities in one that the other lacked. There was a beautiful, long-haired tuxedo male that was extremely standoffish and a once-stray that had a dirty face and incredibly loving personality. The final day I came back to make my decision there was this little gray kitten with jade eyes peering over his metal litter-box. Coincidentally, his tri-leveled cage was right between my two previous choices. I picked him up, held him to my chest where, to him, it seemed like home. When I brought him into a room to play and he didn’t wander too far away from me, I immediately knew he, Tom Hanks, was the cat for me.

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One thought on “Tom Hanks the Cat

  1. Kathleen Mary says:

    Aw! I like the upside down Tom the best.

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