Leftover Turkey Slurpy

This was the 23 lb Meleagris gallopavo my family enjoyed for Thanksgiving and, needless to say, there were some leftovers.



On a different note, I love soup and could eat it with every meal or as the meal itself. There’s something about dunking my spoon in a steamy bowl of brothy comfort and coming up with a spoonful of goodness that completes my gastronomic soul. We had a lot of turkey at Thanksgiving and I turned some of the leftover light and dark meat into a simple turkey rice soup. I heated up some olive oil in a pan, tossed in some chopped onions, pepper, garlic and let the onions get soft. Meanwhile I rinsed a cup or so of white rice, transfered the rice into the pot and mixed everything around with my bare hands/proper kitchen utensil. Then I poured in some chicken broth, added two dried bay leaves (’cause that’s what my mom puts in her chicken noodle soup so it must be a crucial ingredient, right?), brought it to a boil and then reduced everything to a simmer. When the rice was finished cooking and looked like cooked rice oughta, that’s when I knew the soup was ready for mass consumption.



I don’t want my mom thinking I can’t feed and nourish myself properly now that I’m living on my own, so I went in last minute and added some carrots. …rooooiiiiiight.

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