I’ve never been keen on in-depth bio sections, plus I’ve already rambled about my past here.  No need to be redundant, so instead, I decided to take the questions from an interview with LaToya Jackson on Just go with it.



Q: What are you up to now?

Thank you for such an excellent question. Thank you for allowing me to be here today with Um, so, what I’m up to is art. And trying to not go into hibernation mode–the weather in New England is pretty extreme at times and it’s December so it’s only going downhill from here. I’ll probably do a bunch of art, like painting, while wrapped up in five cheetah-print Snuggies or something.


Q: How many times a day are you hounded with questions about your brother, Michael?

I, uh, don’t have a brother or a brother named Michael… I do have a roommate named Michael though. No one really asks me about him ever. His cat, Lola, asks about him sometimes when he’s at work during the day, but that’s about it.


Q: How is your relationship between you and your family now?

We’re, err, great. What would make you think we’re not? What the hell prompted that question? Do you even know anything about me? Never ask me about my family again, you–


Q: What did you think of the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident?

[Audible sigh] It was a boob, America, chillax. We all know what nature created them for, but in this wonky society we’ve sexualized and made the breast so damn taboo, of course the masses reacted that way. It’s amazing how much power, stigma and mystery sweater kittens have. Bring burlesque back to the main front!


Q: What happened to the psychic love line?

Is that the fake one with that Jamaican lady? I think my mom and I called her while I was in high school but we talked to some white chick “astrologer” who read us some lines from “Psychic Reading for Dummies” or something.


Q: Have you been keeping a lower profile on purpose? If so, why?

I guess? It’s cold, and it takes a lot of energy and money to go out all the time. I’d rather be a productive and artist nerd and have movie nights with my cute boyfriend.


Q: Which album are you most proud of?

If by “album” you mean “art”, then the ‘Zoe‘ and ‘Zink‘ and ‘Knit‘ pieces. Those are pretty cool.


Q: Do you think that the media is fair with your brother in particular, and your family in general?

For [bleep]’s sake, I don’t have a brother. And my family has absolutely no relationship with the media whatsoever, geeze.


Q: Who would you like to work with in a duet?

If I could collaborate with another artist, it’d be Lori Earley. She’s friggin’ awesome and I could learn so much from her.


Q: Who influenced you while you were growing up?

In terms of art? I was sort of self-taught. I’d doodle what I could, and I was always drawing faces for some reason. If you laid out my drawings from when I first started up until now, you can see how I was really trying to grasp the concept of proportions. The eyes go here, not here, the nose should be bigger and lower, that sort of thing. I remember using tracing paper with Disney books, before I was 6 or something. I’d trace Ariel and Jasmine and try to recreate it myself without tracing paper.


Q: What do you do to relax?

Art. I read fiction. I love getting lost in a good story, you know? I spend time with the ball & chain. I annoy my cat, Tom Hanks, because he’s so cute and furry and irresistible.


Q: How easy is it for you to be in public?

Super easy. I don’t have any phobias or social anxiety, I can go up to whomever and introduce myself, unless it’s someone whose name I forgot. Then I make my friend introduce themselves for the first time so I can catch their name and pretend they were that impressional my first time meeting them.


Q: Thanks for your time [PonderPants], we wish you the best of luck with your album and all of your futureprojects.

You mean art? Thanks. Thanks a lot. ‘ppreciate it.


2 thoughts on “Moi

  1. Halley Jaye says:

    Pretty sure you meant Hairy, on the question about duets, but whatevsss…BAD INFRUENCE single drops soon, u betta recognizeeeeee 😉 ❤ u!

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