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Knight of the Sky

Nicholas Dimancescu (captured by Khara K.*)

Very rarely does one get the privilege to meet a human being so genuinely selfless in their mannerisms, so open with their heart, so contagiously enthusiastic about pursuing their passions, and so beautiful to the eye, mind and soul. I am at vexing loss for words over this tremendous void we’ve acquired in our tangible realm of existence, a void we will learn to accept but never fully understand. Nick, if you were to look down upon us now, we might be unrecognizable to you. We are all tidal waves of torment, temporarily living beside ourselves as we mourn. We blindly propel forward only to come crashing down into a million shattered pieces, undulating between reason and insanity, but please understand that we will be okay. There is something to be said about strength in numbers, and we are no exception. It holds no relevance the level of friendship and intimacy each of us have reached with you, dear friend, because you have enriched all of our lives for the better and impacted us entirely.

Once the aching in our hearts fade and we can draw breath without staccato rhythm, we are going to embrace the life we were given like we’ve never before. The moment our eyes dry and we start to see through this thick haze of angst, confusion, and all the emotions between, we are going to strive to fulfill our dreams as you did yours. You have left us with the greatest example of accomplishment, and as we regain our strength we will pick up the pieces and carry on for us, for you and because of you.

Handsome and brave Knight of the Sky, Nicholas Dimancescu, it was an honor to have been your friend, and we will always love and cherish you.

*Khara K. of IceCreemDreem

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Isle of Tune

My darling boyfriend shared this music-making site with me today called Isle of Tune. If you like music and aren’t too tone-deaf, I recommend playing around with it. You make these cute little paths which you can decorate with houses, lamp posts, trees and flower patches-each have a corresponding sound effect, beat or note you can customize accordingly. Up to three cars follow along the layout you’ve created and plays each element to a steady rhythm. It’s quite impressive listening to some cover tunes people have already made. I tried my hand with the fun, online program and this is what I came up with:

“Let Go” – Imogen Heap

Some of my favorites were:

-“Bed Intruder
-Theme song for Pixar’s “Up
-“Beat It” – Michael Jackson

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It’s A Process

As I was riding the T to work before sunrise, I was listening to my iPod and struck with inspiration. As soon as I got home I turned some floor space into art space and attacked an old canvas with my thoughts and paintbrush.



Still a work in progress which I shall post when I’m finished.



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A Kind of Sunday

It’s a kind of Sunday where I just wanted to laze around in the baggiest and softest pair of sweatpants I own, preferably splattered in paint and frayed on the bottom. It’s a kind of Sunday where I want to fill an orange mug with Cool Whip, comfortably position myself in my orange director’s chair and get lost in contemporary literature contained in orange-splashed paperback covers.

I think I’ll do just that.

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Meet Hebe

Today my boyfriend and I scooted to Mahoney’s Garden Center and picked up two pots, organic potting soil, an adorable owl carved from stone and a Hebe (hee-bee). We might have a new green addiction and it doesn’t help that Mahoney’s has an incredibly eye-catching selection of plants, pots and accessories and extremely helpful and friendly staff.

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A Sebago Sabbatical

Humming of the wind tenderly rustling the trees. Hushed lappings of the lake against a rocky shoreline. Nature at her sweetest and most calm. There is so much serenity here I don’t know how to behave. My city-saturated body wants to melt into a blob on the dock and just be. It also wants to wrestle with my inner romantic and buzz around on caffeine, write some prose, paint some pictures and harvest this inspired creativity. I truly have a breath of fresh air, ready to cleanse my mental palette, but I just don’t know how to expend it yet.

I tried my hand in fishing, even bought a red rod to match the red streak in my hair, and figured I would just sit for an hour to see what happened. I didn’t make a sound as to not scare the bounty below but that lasted for about two minutes. Meddling in contemplation seemed wonderful, but my romantic side decided to be daring. I fished with beef jerky and sugar-coated peach candy rings. I don’t think this worked with the Navajo’s.

My Sebago-ADD is kicking in and it’s about dinnertime.

To be continued, but here are some lovely representational photos in the meantime.

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