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Isle of Tune

My darling boyfriend shared this music-making site with me today called Isle of Tune. If you like music and aren’t too tone-deaf, I recommend playing around with it. You make these cute little paths which you can decorate with houses, lamp posts, trees and flower patches-each have a corresponding sound effect, beat or note you can customize accordingly. Up to three cars follow along the layout you’ve created and plays each element to a steady rhythm. It’s quite impressive listening to some cover tunes people have already made. I tried my hand with the fun, online program and this is what I came up with:

“Let Go” – Imogen Heap

Some of my favorites were:

-“Bed Intruder
-Theme song for Pixar’s “Up
-“Beat It” – Michael Jackson

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Here’s the finished painting, the one in the ‘It’s A Process’ post. Looks nothing like it did from the start, obviously, but my slow & steady method is a big reason why I don’t do live painting. I’d need to provide my audience sleeping bags, rations and a few epic trilogies on DVD.


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The Artist & The Internet


It’s not that I’m Amish and shun modern-day marvels like light bulbs and atheism, but I like to keep things simple. I was late to jump on internet bandwagon’s like Twitter and YouTube and still ask myself, why do I find it necessary to tell whoever is listening that my cat’s so fat he fills the sink bowl in the bathroom? And why am I uploading a video of this? In the ADD rush of present day society, it’s hard for an artistic soul to collaborate harmoniously with a force as daunting as the internet. Our independence is swallowed up in the cyber masses and we feel as if we’re conforming. Remember when it was cool and rare for a band to be discovered by MySpace? Now, anyone with a recording device and lung capacity has a music page and thinks they’re the next big thing. The internet is an evil, dreadful place.


I take that back. The internet is what people make of it. Learning, mindless entertainment, missed connections, retail therapy, stalking and in the case of my article, marketing. I am an artist. I paint pretty pictures and have sold a few without the direct help of the internet. I had a few paintings hanging up in a little café down the street and left my contact information on a makeshift stock card plaque. Once I had a table at an open air market and gained a few sold paintings and commissioned projects, but I still felt my art needed to reach a greater audience. How and where would I be able to do this, and for free? Paging Dr. Obvious, paging Dr. Obvious! The internet.


Everyone and their brothers have Facebook. Your aunt, their mailman, my exboyfriend’s mother, registered sex offenders, everyone. I’ve allocated a photo album for images of my art and you should do this too because, voila, you’ll have an online portfolio building before your very eyes. Set the privacy settings for that particular album so everyone can view them. Keep adding photos throughout your artistic journey. Do it. Now.



To better enhance my cyber presence I’ve created a MySpace page completely devoted to my art and free for the public to view. I’ve gained random fans this way. While MySpace might be the slutty and rebellious sibling of Facebook, you can customize the look of your page to fit your whole persona. I’ve done just that. My MySpace page is strictly art related. Sometimes I binge for thirty minutes just requesting artists’ friendships. It can’t hurt to have your Top 8 be made up completely of other great painters, can it? I have 400 million intelligent, cultured and talented MySpace friends, and what do you have? Underage half-naked chicks? Lame.



There are other free sites like ImageKind and FineArtAmerica where you can upload high-resolution photos of your art and sell the prints. Have you ever ran into the problem of someone wanting to buy an original painting you’ve already sold? Or turned a corner to find a large group of shrieking Japanese school girls asking for multiple prints of one painting? Sites like these take care of the dirty work. They handle custom orders, printing, framing, shipping and payment. They give you codes for personalized banners that promote your art which you can embed in other personal sites, like MySpace. When you sign up for a print-selling site you also join a community of other artists who in turn become fans of your work. I’ve sold a few prints here and there and had my ego inflated due to all the positive feedback I’ve received on my art. You can opt for the free profile or pay a little extra for more exposure, it’s up to you. Oh, and you can’t forget a great place like Etsy. Take advantage of cyber-boutiques! And make sure you read the fine print.


You’re probably thinking I’m a narcissist, but I’m not. I’m an artistic narcissist and obviously have a WordPress site where I ramble away about my creative process and other things. I’ve put art banners and buttons throughout my page too. My blog is yet another outlet for me to convey what I am and what I do, and to show you where else to go if you like it.


Now, pay attention, kids. This is where it gets tedious. Go grab another cup of coffee or take a stretch break.


[Insert elevator Muzak]



Good to go? Great. Have a seat again. The key to having a better impact in cyberspace is by linking everything you’ve put out there to each other. You know those “bio” or “about me” sections on all these websites?


“Hi, my name is Blab McBlabberson. I like blab and long blabs on the blab. I’m also an artist, check out my site!”


Or caption and/or tag options you have for photos?


“This painting is titled ‘Blab’ and it’s 4 x 4’, acrylic, egg yolk & spider whiskers. Prints are here:”


Be sure to take time and link everything together. In my Facebook art albums I’ve included the dimensions and medium of each piece and a link to its print. You can link Painting #1 on Facebook or WordPress to the specific Painting #1 URL on Etsy, ImageKind or Fineartamerica, taking a few steps out of the process for a potential buyer or fan. On my WordPress site you can link certain words or photos. As soon as I publish a blog, it makes an announcement on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve linked and tagged the crap out of blog articles and while it might sound repetitive, it’s not. Every bit of consistency and diligence helps. There has to be some sort of psychological theory advertisers live by that includes branding and product bombardment as a successful way to increase sales and revenue. Why, just the other day I was tempted to buy anti-aging cream. I’m 25.


This was my little blurb about how I’ve habitually used the internet to gain more exposure than I could just sitting on my butt and doodling into the horizon. This is how I’ve greased the wheel. Nothing has been scientifically proven or FDA approved, but I believe my advice will help you get on your feet. Just remember to be diligent, patient and consistent while starting up and maintaining your cyber boutiques. Give people the option to click to different site even if its intentional or accidental on their parts. You never know who will stumble across your stuff and be your fan for life.


Shameless plug:



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It’s A Process

As I was riding the T to work before sunrise, I was listening to my iPod and struck with inspiration. As soon as I got home I turned some floor space into art space and attacked an old canvas with my thoughts and paintbrush.



Still a work in progress which I shall post when I’m finished.



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Help, I’ve fallen [into a bunny painting rut] and I can’t get out!


Prints are here!

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Merch [?]

This would be cool if this happened someday. I’d totally wear me.





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Side By Side

Sometimes I get asked to do a portrait. Here’s a few of them from a long time ago. I think if I were to do a portrait now it’d look 10x cooler. Who wants to commission me?



tinythai85 [at]


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After taking a closer look at a few photos my parents had taken of the orphanage during our adoption process in Thailand, I got the exact name of it and used the effortless power of the internet to start my bloodline search. I discovered that my orphanage has a website. I was adopted in ’87, so a lot has changed and with time passing it only makes it more difficult to trace my life’s journey back to the start. I only have a Thai birth certificate, an English translation of it and now this website. This is a good starting point.  Maybe one day I’ll meet my two blood-siblings as well-I’m getting shivers just thinking about it.



Here it goes.



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Freak Sneak-Peek

So I bought some special effects makeup, fake blood and liquid latex and tested it out with my own makeup and paint for a few minutes. Halloween is going to be fun this year.

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Paint A Patch

To get into Fall festivities and the spirit of Halloween, there’s nothing like painting a pumpkin or two to inspire the artistic ghoul within.

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