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Art & Literary Hankerings

Art, to me, is this erratic release of self-expression that I’ve always let rampantly course through my veins whenever an internal fit of inspiration insisted on tangibility. Like wild fire, the artist in me has never been predictable or tame. Writing, for me, has been a temperately crafted skill, and in my college years it became more of a labor and less a love. The substance of my intellect is made up of art and writing, and while the quantitative relation between the two has always fluctuated, I was an artist well before I ever considered myself to be a writer. Will I ever consider myself to be either, and equally?

I found an artist, Brian Dettmer, that has created the perfect metaphor and physical representation of my – sometimes conflicting and usually overlapping – passions. Check these babies out.

Photos Brian Dettmer’s work accredited to Eugene’s blog post: “The Book Surgeon.” Eugene also provides an explanation of Dettmer’s process.

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Here’s the finished painting, the one in the ‘It’s A Process’ post. Looks nothing like it did from the start, obviously, but my slow & steady method is a big reason why I don’t do live painting. I’d need to provide my audience sleeping bags, rations and a few epic trilogies on DVD.


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It’s A Process

As I was riding the T to work before sunrise, I was listening to my iPod and struck with inspiration. As soon as I got home I turned some floor space into art space and attacked an old canvas with my thoughts and paintbrush.



Still a work in progress which I shall post when I’m finished.



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Guten Tag, Theo

I can’t stop looking, staring, gawking and admiring this Berlin artist’s paintings. Theo Altenberg, my God, man. Your paintings are these fabric lookin’ dreamscapes, sort of Rorschach ink blot test-y, watery, flowing, drape-y, mind-trippy, flag waving in the wind, cleverly ruched, kind of abstract-ish dashed with a bit of still-life dissolving before my very eyes, something somewhat sand dune-ish, calculated yet spontaneous pieces of art that make me do a wiggle dance of happiness with the paint brush of my heart. These paintings look so edible and so toxic, I don’t know what to do with them. Is this the visual equivalent of a writer’s stream of consciousness? If so, then keep on talking, sir.




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Merch [?]

This would be cool if this happened someday. I’d totally wear me.





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Side By Side

Sometimes I get asked to do a portrait. Here’s a few of them from a long time ago. I think if I were to do a portrait now it’d look 10x cooler. Who wants to commission me?



tinythai85 [at] hotmail.com



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Now & Then

It’s amazing how time improves natural artistic ability. Here are some “then” and “now” side-by-side comparisons of my own stuff. These acrylics are just under three years a part. All I can say about the one on the left is, “Yikes.”



These pencil drawings were done about 5 years a part.



And these watercolor paintings are just two years a part. The one of the left was my first watercolor face.



Check out this link for prints: http://LexMcDermott.imagekind.com/

If there is one thing that hasn’t changed, it’d be my preferred subject matter: hot chicks.

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New Art

Yup. Exactly what the titles states. New art! Just a few watercolors I did in a few hours, nothin’ too crazy.



Prints are available at http://LexMcDermott.imagekind.com/Watercolors

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Going back to my roots and will be drawing until I feel like switching back to a brush!

Here are the first pencil drawings I’ve done in a very long time.

You can get a print, if you’d like, here.

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