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Knight of the Sky

Nicholas Dimancescu (captured by Khara K.*)

Very rarely does one get the privilege to meet a human being so genuinely selfless in their mannerisms, so open with their heart, so contagiously enthusiastic about pursuing their passions, and so beautiful to the eye, mind and soul. I am at vexing loss for words over this tremendous void we’ve acquired in our tangible realm of existence, a void we will learn to accept but never fully understand. Nick, if you were to look down upon us now, we might be unrecognizable to you. We are all tidal waves of torment, temporarily living beside ourselves as we mourn. We blindly propel forward only to come crashing down into a million shattered pieces, undulating between reason and insanity, but please understand that we will be okay. There is something to be said about strength in numbers, and we are no exception. It holds no relevance the level of friendship and intimacy each of us have reached with you, dear friend, because you have enriched all of our lives for the better and impacted us entirely.

Once the aching in our hearts fade and we can draw breath without staccato rhythm, we are going to embrace the life we were given like we’ve never before. The moment our eyes dry and we start to see through this thick haze of angst, confusion, and all the emotions between, we are going to strive to fulfill our dreams as you did yours. You have left us with the greatest example of accomplishment, and as we regain our strength we will pick up the pieces and carry on for us, for you and because of you.

Handsome and brave Knight of the Sky, Nicholas Dimancescu, it was an honor to have been your friend, and we will always love and cherish you.

*Khara K. of IceCreemDreem

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The Artist & The Internet


It’s not that I’m Amish and shun modern-day marvels like light bulbs and atheism, but I like to keep things simple. I was late to jump on internet bandwagon’s like Twitter and YouTube and still ask myself, why do I find it necessary to tell whoever is listening that my cat’s so fat he fills the sink bowl in the bathroom? And why am I uploading a video of this? In the ADD rush of present day society, it’s hard for an artistic soul to collaborate harmoniously with a force as daunting as the internet. Our independence is swallowed up in the cyber masses and we feel as if we’re conforming. Remember when it was cool and rare for a band to be discovered by MySpace? Now, anyone with a recording device and lung capacity has a music page and thinks they’re the next big thing. The internet is an evil, dreadful place.


I take that back. The internet is what people make of it. Learning, mindless entertainment, missed connections, retail therapy, stalking and in the case of my article, marketing. I am an artist. I paint pretty pictures and have sold a few without the direct help of the internet. I had a few paintings hanging up in a little café down the street and left my contact information on a makeshift stock card plaque. Once I had a table at an open air market and gained a few sold paintings and commissioned projects, but I still felt my art needed to reach a greater audience. How and where would I be able to do this, and for free? Paging Dr. Obvious, paging Dr. Obvious! The internet.


Everyone and their brothers have Facebook. Your aunt, their mailman, my exboyfriend’s mother, registered sex offenders, everyone. I’ve allocated a photo album for images of my art and you should do this too because, voila, you’ll have an online portfolio building before your very eyes. Set the privacy settings for that particular album so everyone can view them. Keep adding photos throughout your artistic journey. Do it. Now.



To better enhance my cyber presence I’ve created a MySpace page completely devoted to my art and free for the public to view. I’ve gained random fans this way. While MySpace might be the slutty and rebellious sibling of Facebook, you can customize the look of your page to fit your whole persona. I’ve done just that. My MySpace page is strictly art related. Sometimes I binge for thirty minutes just requesting artists’ friendships. It can’t hurt to have your Top 8 be made up completely of other great painters, can it? I have 400 million intelligent, cultured and talented MySpace friends, and what do you have? Underage half-naked chicks? Lame.



There are other free sites like ImageKind and FineArtAmerica where you can upload high-resolution photos of your art and sell the prints. Have you ever ran into the problem of someone wanting to buy an original painting you’ve already sold? Or turned a corner to find a large group of shrieking Japanese school girls asking for multiple prints of one painting? Sites like these take care of the dirty work. They handle custom orders, printing, framing, shipping and payment. They give you codes for personalized banners that promote your art which you can embed in other personal sites, like MySpace. When you sign up for a print-selling site you also join a community of other artists who in turn become fans of your work. I’ve sold a few prints here and there and had my ego inflated due to all the positive feedback I’ve received on my art. You can opt for the free profile or pay a little extra for more exposure, it’s up to you. Oh, and you can’t forget a great place like Etsy. Take advantage of cyber-boutiques! And make sure you read the fine print.


You’re probably thinking I’m a narcissist, but I’m not. I’m an artistic narcissist and obviously have a WordPress site where I ramble away about my creative process and other things. I’ve put art banners and buttons throughout my page too. My blog is yet another outlet for me to convey what I am and what I do, and to show you where else to go if you like it.


Now, pay attention, kids. This is where it gets tedious. Go grab another cup of coffee or take a stretch break.


[Insert elevator Muzak]



Good to go? Great. Have a seat again. The key to having a better impact in cyberspace is by linking everything you’ve put out there to each other. You know those “bio” or “about me” sections on all these websites?


“Hi, my name is Blab McBlabberson. I like blab and long blabs on the blab. I’m also an artist, check out my site! http://www.blabart.com.”


Or caption and/or tag options you have for photos?


“This painting is titled ‘Blab’ and it’s 4 x 4’, acrylic, egg yolk & spider whiskers. Prints are here: http://www.blabart.com.”


Be sure to take time and link everything together. In my Facebook art albums I’ve included the dimensions and medium of each piece and a link to its print. You can link Painting #1 on Facebook or WordPress to the specific Painting #1 URL on Etsy, ImageKind or Fineartamerica, taking a few steps out of the process for a potential buyer or fan. On my WordPress site you can link certain words or photos. As soon as I publish a blog, it makes an announcement on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve linked and tagged the crap out of blog articles and while it might sound repetitive, it’s not. Every bit of consistency and diligence helps. There has to be some sort of psychological theory advertisers live by that includes branding and product bombardment as a successful way to increase sales and revenue. Why, just the other day I was tempted to buy anti-aging cream. I’m 25.


This was my little blurb about how I’ve habitually used the internet to gain more exposure than I could just sitting on my butt and doodling into the horizon. This is how I’ve greased the wheel. Nothing has been scientifically proven or FDA approved, but I believe my advice will help you get on your feet. Just remember to be diligent, patient and consistent while starting up and maintaining your cyber boutiques. Give people the option to click to different site even if its intentional or accidental on their parts. You never know who will stumble across your stuff and be your fan for life.


Shameless plug:



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Merch [?]

This would be cool if this happened someday. I’d totally wear me.





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My 2010 Review

The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:


Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Fresher than ever.


Crunchy numbers


Featured image

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 3,700 times in 2010. That’s about 9 full 747s.


In 2010, there were 44 new posts, not bad for the first year! There were 174 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 44mb. That’s about 3 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was December 2nd with 125 views. The most popular post that day was Bloodlines .


Where did they come from?


The top referring sites in 2010 were facebook.com, twitter.com, digg.com, images.yandex.ru, and en.wordpress.com.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for ponderpants, ponderpants blog, lex mcdermott, pencil sketching, and original human drawings images.


Attractions in 2010


These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Bloodlines December 2010


Will Work for Brains November 2010


Pushin’ Buttons March 2010
1 comment


Where the Wide Things Are March 2010
1 comment


Moi March 2010


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Type & Write

When I have my very own sound-proof office, I’d love to be able to use this Corona typewriter  to my heart’s content. This was a high school graduation gift from my parents.


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Now & Then

It’s amazing how time improves natural artistic ability. Here are some “then” and “now” side-by-side comparisons of my own stuff. These acrylics are just under three years a part. All I can say about the one on the left is, “Yikes.”



These pencil drawings were done about 5 years a part.



And these watercolor paintings are just two years a part. The one of the left was my first watercolor face.



Check out this link for prints: http://LexMcDermott.imagekind.com/

If there is one thing that hasn’t changed, it’d be my preferred subject matter: hot chicks.

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New Art

Yup. Exactly what the titles states. New art! Just a few watercolors I did in a few hours, nothin’ too crazy.



Prints are available at http://LexMcDermott.imagekind.com/Watercolors

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To: You, From: Psychology

I’ve never been one to take psychological or sociological philosophy seriously — just typing those meaty words made my eyes cross. And it’s not because I’m pretentious and think my understanding of the human mind and our social behavior is superior to that Austrian dude, Fred or Fraud or whatever, or any forefather of the topics. No, it’s simply because I had a scarring 7:30am Ethics class my freshman year in college where I had a difficult time swallowing other people’s principles just to regurgitate them onto a test, and my teacher used annoying phrases like “hell in a hand basket”. From that semester on, I’ve never peeled the skin off an onion without psychoanalyzing it.


But, oh, how the tables have turned on me. I gave myself a personality test last night and found myself reading articles on psychological classifications and the varying characteristic traits we have, like intro/extroversion; sensing and intuitive;  thinking and feeling; and judging and perceiving.  I started to reflect on my friends’ personalities and it hit me — it takes more than knowing your loved one’s likes & dislikes or hobbies or astrological sign to give them a gift they’d appreciate.  Would you give your friend with an ISTP personality a talking parrot? Not unless you want a death threat.


The Introverts:

ISTJ: Focused, rational, loyal & hardworking – “The Duty Fulfiller” might like a super-duper fancy planner.

ISTP: Practical, factual, spontaneous & adaptable – “The Mechanic” might like a DIY full Hexapod robot. *Cough* Nerd! *Cough*


ISFJ: Kindhearted, responsible, self-critical & aesthetic – “The Nurturer” might like something botanical, like a rare orchid, or an interior design book.



INFJ: Intuitive, patient, stubborn & devoted – “The Protector” might like martial art or self-defense classes.



INFP: Thoughtful, a perfectionist, laid-back & perceptive – “The Idealist” might like the movie ‘Waking Life’ or books on Buddhism.



INTP: Theoretical, unconventional, independent & restless – “The Thinker” might like my Ethics class I took.




The Extroverts:


ESTP: Outgoing, fast-paced, enthusiastic & perceptive (and all around awesome) – “The Doer” might like a flip video camera.



ESTJ: Committed, dependable, realistic & secure – “The Guardian” might like their own speaking podium or megaphone.



ESFP: Lively, optimistic, romantic & entertaining – “The Performer” might like performints or their very own Hollywood slate board.



ESFJ: Responsible, cooperative, structured & sympathetic – “The Caregiver” might like cooking classes.



ENFP: Motivational, genuine, sensitive & alert – “The Inspirer” might like Moleskine journal.



ENFJ: Unselfish, reserved, honest & intimate – “The Giver” might like the gift of charity.



ENTP: Resourceful, knowledgeable, clever & curious – “The Visionary” might like a good pair of hiking boots or hiking gear.



ENTJ: Focused, assertive, efficient & innovative – “The Executive” might like arrogant office furniture, like an $800+ leather barrel-back Horchow desk chair. This is what I’m getting my boyfriend, except that I’m not.



And this, my friends, is my psychoanalyzed gift guide I wouldn’t recommend taking to heart, unless, of course, you have an INTP personality type. Happy Holidays!









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Leftover Turkey Slurpy

This was the 23 lb Meleagris gallopavo my family enjoyed for Thanksgiving and, needless to say, there were some leftovers.



On a different note, I love soup and could eat it with every meal or as the meal itself. There’s something about dunking my spoon in a steamy bowl of brothy comfort and coming up with a spoonful of goodness that completes my gastronomic soul. We had a lot of turkey at Thanksgiving and I turned some of the leftover light and dark meat into a simple turkey rice soup. I heated up some olive oil in a pan, tossed in some chopped onions, pepper, garlic and let the onions get soft. Meanwhile I rinsed a cup or so of white rice, transfered the rice into the pot and mixed everything around with my bare hands/proper kitchen utensil. Then I poured in some chicken broth, added two dried bay leaves (’cause that’s what my mom puts in her chicken noodle soup so it must be a crucial ingredient, right?), brought it to a boil and then reduced everything to a simmer. When the rice was finished cooking and looked like cooked rice oughta, that’s when I knew the soup was ready for mass consumption.



I don’t want my mom thinking I can’t feed and nourish myself properly now that I’m living on my own, so I went in last minute and added some carrots. …rooooiiiiiight.

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I was scooting past the festively lit Frog Pond this weekend and saw people all bundled up, holding hands and recreating Nascar on the frozen rink. My skating alter-ego, Lex Kwan, wanted to partake. Nighttime temperatures have been below freezing and while it might not officially be Winter, I’m just going to call it like I feel it and say it might as well be. And while I’m nestled all snug in my bed, visions of incessant perfume commercials dance in my head. This is me reasoning myself into posting a Christmas blog within the first week of December.


Oh, look, shiny things!


These are a few of my favorite  Christmas tree ornaments at my parents’ house in Chicago.



There’s an artist, Patience Brewster, who creates absolutely unique and whimsical things. She has adorable holiday figurines-I can’t believe I’m gushing about figurines in my twenties-that my mom and I adore.



Nutcrackers are mandatory. So are loving and humorous side-by-side comparisons of your boyfriend.



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